The Unico System
air conditioning service

Product Solutions

The innovative UNICO SYSTEM allows central air conditioning and heating installation in applications where total comfort is the goal. Suitable for new residential and commercial projects, or retrofit situations, THE UNICO SYSTEM allows virtually all hydronically heated structure, and other applications once deemed "impossible installations", to be air conditioned without major sacrifice of space.

Advantages Over Conventional Systems:


 For the Homeowner

Small duct system

Saves space and is unobtrusive

Draft free

Eliminates drafts and temperature stratification

10F colder air discharge (cooling)

30% drier air when cooling

20F warmer air discharge (heat pump heating)

Eliminates "cold" air distribution

Modular air handlers

Get what you need: Cooling only, Heating only, or both

Slide-in hot water coil

Heat option that takes very little space

Unico Comfort...

Nothing beats the type of comfort that THE UNICO SYSTEM provides. This system utilizes technological advances that produce an ideal year-round environment for homes, apartments, civic structures or offices.

No large unsightly registers or diffusers in the ceiling. Just this small, inconspicuous room outlet (shown in various availble options) that can be in ceilings, walls or floors.

Thousands of UNICO air conditioning systems have been installed throughout the United States and Canada.


Economy and Flexibility

THE UNICO SYSTEM saves operation costs because it maintains comfort even at higher thermostat settings. In addition to efficiency, THE UNICO SYSTEM performs with the existing heating system. Because it's flexible and compact, it's ideal for older homes or uniquely designed buildings. If inadequate comfort is a nagging problem on any level of the home or office, THE UNICO SYSTEM is the ultimate solution.

This system requires no major structural additions or changes, because of its flexible, insulated duct thread through, over, around, between and under existing inner wall structures. THE UNICO SYSTEM can be adapted to the unique situation of the structure, rather than requiring costly and inconvenient remodeling.

Air Conditioner
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The Unico System
heating service

The Unico System delivers superior comfort over traditional HVAC systems by eliminating drafts and removing 30% more relative humidity.